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Uses of Geodetic in keps

Methods in keps with parameters of type Geodetic
 void Transforms.Calculate_LatLonAlt(double time, Vector3 pos, Geodetic coords)
          This method provides geodetic (lat, lon, alt) coordinates of an object provided its ECI position and time.
 void Transforms.Calculate_Obs(double time, Vector3 pos, Vector3 vel, Geodetic coords, ObservationSet obs_set)
          This method generates topocentric coordinates (az, el, range, range rate) when provided the ECI position, velocity of the object along with the Geodetic coordinates of the observation location at a particular time.
 void Transforms.Calculate_SolarObs(double time, Geodetic obs_coords, Vector3 solar_pos, ObservationSet solar_set, Geodetic solar_latlonalt)
          This method finds the position of the sun in Geodetic coordinates and as an observation set (az, el, range).
 void Transforms.Calculate_User_PosVel(double time, Geodetic coords, Vector3 obs_pos, Vector3 obs_vel)
          This method uses the geodetic position and time of interest and returns the ECI position and velocity of the observer.